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Welcome to traveline south west

Welcome to for comprehensive and impartial public transport information across Great Britain for all modes of public transport. We hope you like our new-look site, which includes real-time information for journeys in the next hour or so, is fully responsive for mobile and tablet users and provides a simpler layout with easier map-based planning.

Our website contains:

  • Plan your Trip – our journey planner for trips across Great Britain as a whole (with plans based on real time information for south west England where available)
  • Get Departure Times – for next departures from bus stops (using real time information where available)
  • My Regular Trip – a personal journey plan for your regular trips
  • Stop Timetables – for a list of all departures from your favourite stops
  • Route Timetables – for viewing, downloading and printing individual timetables
  • Route Maps – for viewing, downloading and printing individual route maps.
  • Or you can download our free iOS and Android mobile apps from the home page.

traveline south west is provided by a consortium of all local authorities and the major transport operators in the area. We also collaborate with traveline South East & Anglia, East Midlands, West Midlands and Transport for London. You can contact traveline south west at with comments and feedback on our site. Please note that this should NOT be used to request journey plans or timetables. These are available from the website as above.

SWPTI the company

In 1999 Government established a multi-modal National Public Transport Information Service, branded ‘traveline’.  South West Public Transport Information Ltd, or SWPTI, is the not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, set up by local authorities and major public transport operators in the south west of England to implement and operate traveline across the wider SW (including Hampshire & the Solent area). 

We update our data each week and pride ourselves in providing comprehensive, unbiased and accurate public transport journey information. This enables passengers to plan and execute their journeys seamlessly, increasing public transport patronage.

We continue to provide data to power the traveline enquiry service via website, mobile apps and call centre, with data used by over 500 third party apps and websites to provide public transport information. We produce a GB-wide mapping base for our partners, based on the Open Street Mapping system. Our database is also used by local authorities and some operators to power real-time information systems, provide publicity material such as bus stop timetable information and provide exports to mapping, GIS and Accession systems. 

Over the past few years, SWPTI has worked closely with other traveline regions to deliver our service. We host IT systems and hold contracts used by our partners.